Financial Management


We’re invested in your financial health, business and personal. As your Fractional CFO, we help build, plan, and track your financial goals.

Financial Management

Fractional CFO

Oversee the financials of your business.

These services include accounting, payroll,

and taxes.

Tax Planning

Customize tax plans to maximize your income and reduce your tax burden.

Business & Personal Financial Coaching

Deep dive into your finances. We partner with your to establish, track and achieve your financial goals, business and family.

Business & Personal Credit Education

Train and provide guidance to improve your personal and business credit ratings.


Financial Blueprint

Topics covered:

Financial goals

Spending plans

Personal Credit

Business Credit

Financial Processes

Topics covered:

Accounting software setup

Budgeting and forecasting

Cash management

Receipt tracking

Preparing for Funding

Topics covered:

Business validation

Business modeling

Financial projections

Personal and business credit review

Tax Blueprint

Topics covered:

Tax code overview

Taxable income

Tax deductions

Tax credits