About Us

What we do

We equip business owners and leaders with the tools to help solidify their foundation in order to scale, increasing impact, and profitability. We enable businesses can proactively plan for the future and objectively evaluate the performance of their business, ultimately creating winning results.

Why we do it

We believe that organizations have the ability to achieve their fullest potential with the right tools and guidance. As a business strategist and fractional CFO, we provide support that addresses and overcome business challenges so businesses can be the best version of themselves.

What drives our organization

Connections Matter

We value relationships, embrace diversity, and connect the dots.

Be Ready

We believe preparation fuels success.

Build Trust

We lead with transparency and knowledge.

Be Socially Responsible

We use our gifts to benefit others.


  • Torika Thompson
    Founder, Managing Partner
  • Justin Barnett
    Founder, Managing Partner